Monday, August 10, 2009


Being a huge nerd, this contest was irresistible, even if I never finish my entries into these things. I tried my hand at redesigning Ultimate X-Men's Cable last year, but never got past a few sketches and failed Z-Brush attempts.

This year I decided to abandon the standard superheroes and delve into Star Wars. I've always wanted to do a Star Wars piece, but didn't want to just draw the classics. I've fallen in the love with the Old Republic lore and joined the dark side, so to speak. Darth Revan from the original Knights of the Old Republic was one of the coolest characters to emerge from the Star Wars universe so I felt a re-interpretation was due.

Luckily there are comics about him.

Here's a simple painting/colour test I did recently.
You can view my work in progress thread here.

Revan Sketch